Rick Owen fashion clash

There’s been a huge debate on Rick Owen’s soundtrack by Zebra Katz  “Ima Read” (ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx). Some observers like Robin Givhan said it was pretty male chauvinist, because of the lyrics.

“I’m gonna read that bitch. I’m gonna school that bitch. I’m gonna take that bitch to college. I’m gonna get that bitch some knowledge,”

In the meantime, there was a very brilliant explanation on the deep meaning of the song, used during the catwalk, by a contributor on the same article:

“She used the artifice of clothing to show herself as strong and impregnable (think of her appropriation of men’s clothes, or her crooning ‘falling in love again’), even while it tried to tie her down. Rick Owens, more than any of the typically frou-frou dressmakers, wants to arm a woman for a secret battle using the only tools she is allowed by society at large, even today, much like the proverbial ball of wool that Theseus was given to find his way out of the Minotaur’s lair”.

And here comes my point: it’s heavily complicated to tell a story (moreover when there are secret explanations) if you haven’t set up the rules before.

Most of the one-time viewers of the show will certainly think it was about objectifying women, whereas it was probably the opposite.

I do think that Rick Owen reached his goal: he makes us wonder about words that have become so common (like sluts, bitch etc.) that we’ve forgotten their real senses. Attracting detractors to highlight our own deviant attitutes. Risky. But fashion’s about that, isn’t it?


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