Oh Sophia

We were in Vienna last week, and we’ve seen a very strange sticker many times in the streets. It says: “Oh Sophia: this is the fast lane, this is where I live”. So we’ve got in touch with this amazing slasher (she does not even know what it means, which is a good thing). And we’ve sent her some questions: so who’s that girl, DJette, performer, underground star?

Hi Sophia! How come you put stickers about your blog in Vienna?

I used to live in Vienna for 5 years and I am still coming back regularly because Vienna and me, that’s everlasting love!

Berlin seems pretty arty and underground, while Vienna seems pretty calm: am I totally wrong?

Yes, you are. Surely Vienna is much smaller, the different scenes (like art/culture/fashion/ music) are much more connected (in Berlin you have so much more to choose from, which can be positive but also exhausting sometimes), but it’s not calm at all. There’s been such a development in the last ten years with upcoming young music and fashion labels, parties, clubs, shops, festivals, events, it’s constantly growing and very exciting!

You have 10 seconds to get heavily high: what do you do?

Tongue Kissing a very hot guy I would say…

Where can we follow your work?

All my personal craziness can be found on www.oh-sophia.net

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