For Spring Day, we had the chance to meet BOY, a wonderful pop-rock-poetry band, based in Hamburg. Valeska Steiner & Sonja Glass were just back from a short tour with Coeur de Pirate, and French people loved them.

A cool interview at Hôtel de Sers, with 2 young women who could be from a road-movie.

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My girlfriend asked us what could be the best drink to order while we listen to your music?

Sonja : Kir Royal ! It’s our favorite drink. It’s sparkling, and not too sweet.

It reminds me the lyrics of « Army », « my load is light, my secrets are safe »! Your album will be released  in June and is called  « Mutual friends » : is it related to Facebook?

Valeska: not at all! It’s more a big up to all the people who’ve helped us shape our songs, to all the conversations we’ve had during our journey. It’s not that easy to sing in English in Germany, so we are kinda lucky!

When do you consider that a song is “ready”?

Sonja : we are 3 to decide. Valeska, our producer and I, we are sitting in a couch. And once a song is good, well, you can only feel it at the same time. That’s the best signal.

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 You have a very original methodology to create your songs…

Sonja : I usually work alone in my living room, with my intruments…then I send an email to Valeska, to figure out how she could use the melodies, to add her lyrics and poetry…It may seem pretty surprizing, as we live very near!

Valeska : …that’s right, I need to work in a café, where it’s crowdy, to help me write and think about our music.


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 So what did you think of the French public, while you were on stage?

Valeska: we were impressed, people were clapping their hands, they were very reactive!

Sonja : we want to spend more time in France, we love this place.

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