Saturday Night in Paris, out looking for fashion

Following up on the model casting where Laurent acted as a jury last month, we went to see the result of the stylish operation. On Saturday March 10,  our pal Zack pulled off a hell of a show.

Club Haussmann sheltered our fashionable event…

Pimped-up youth (c) Benoît Balança
Determined designers (c) Benoît Balança
Various designs (c) Benoît Balança

After a quick refreshment waiting for the team to join up at a café close by while the huge waiting line kept growing, our sniffer-team went in to witness a perfectly driven show (thumbs up to the staff), before sneaking out on a free roam, because you know, nights in Paris are full of possibilities. An off the book hop at La Fourmi then a dive at Point Ephemere, then we were gone. Night night.

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