Reading Vice Magazine, listening to nu disco, watching AMC… still not a hipster.

It’s weird how it’s always after reading a Vice Magazine – for fun, you know – that I have an urge for writing a social piece beginning with an I. After stumbling again on pieces about the hipster phenomenon like this good old one by Adbusters, I had to have my go at it.

Where it all began. (The Royal Tenenbaums - Wes Anderson, 2001)

Let’s forget the style part, where quite curiously enough no editor has been able to pinpoint the same exact characters as the next one, as well as the supposedly mandatory opinion that one should have about these strange folks called hipsters. Basically, we should admit that only hipsters are interested by study of hipsterness.

So can we read Vice Magazine, listen to nu disco, watch AMC… yet not be a hipster or a cool hunter?

As it is common now for hipsters to produce their own endogenous self-hatred, it seems fine to ask if admitting oneself as a hipster, makes one a real one. Can one be at peace with one’s hip tastes then become not hip anymore?

The key characteristic of being a hipster is the gesture, not the status. Crawling helplessly after something cooler, newer or more vintage makes of a hipster a vector. Thus his or her inability to recognize who he or she was the moment before. Has he just arrived that the hipster is already over there. Well then, here’s our classic hipster/hater.

How about the more casual citizen type? Petit Standard A.P.C., vintage frames, minimalist watch and relatively funny haircut, danish sailor knit; when he walks out of an indie gig (like-you-know.. The Rapture or Arcade Fire), and goes fetching an overpriced baguette sandwich to take away to a couch meal in front of downloaded The Walking Dead. When he’s not been asking any questions: Is he that hip?

Actually everyone seems to know how to identify someone getting out of a hipster posture, just watch for the hater, but Where does being a hipster start?

So here’s a question to all trends/hipsta-experts: who are we really talking about?

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