We all watch lots and lots of brand contents. Short films, ads, visuals. And paradoxically enough, many fashion & luxury brands focus on their past, on their history.

This is great, as it aims to re-create some myths around the brand. The panther of Cartier became the protagonist of L’Odyssée. Louis Vuitton dives into its roots thanks to Marc Jacobs and the exhibition which is currently going on at Musée des Arts Décoratifs. But focusing on the past could also be very dangerous for many fashion designers and established Maisons. As it could only insists on stereotypes or already existing patterns in our minds.

  • mass-market cosmectics brands are expected to communicate on technology, on clinical images…well ok…
  • luxury brands are going to develop some fantasizing films…but how many of them aren’t boring?

The war on “myths” could be a big mistake: fashion brands need to make us dream, to make us go to a point B. If you think twice: how great companies did when they were very young? They were talking of their products to “new” people, they were traveling, they were meeting and boarding new publics. They were dynamics.

We need this journey with the brands. Not a return, but a single. “Fashion life unexpected”. I love this provocative ad for a French radio: that says “No, not everything was better before“.

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