Tokyo Fashion Week

Not so many media talked about Tokyo Fashion Week. And that’s a pity, as Japan is more and more a global hub for fashion.

As designers need to find new inspirative ways, Tokyo could be a great place: sustainable development,Harajuku and “subcultures” were 3 main topics of this special week (2011 edition did not happen because of the nuclear crisis). Karl Lagerfeld made it right, as he started his world tour for his exhibition  “The Little Black Jacket” (Chanel) in Tokyo. It was his first visit since 8 years!

Christian Dada got a big success, as Masanori Morikawa shaped a great topic: “lost in the woods“. Lights were like fairy tales. Poetry and “green” commitment. Impressive.

Harajuku KAWAii!! Spring 2012 was also highlighted.

Phenomenon closed the Fashion Week, with autum leaves falling from the fashion sky


You can follow our  Pinboard on Tokyo Fashion Week if you want!

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