OLO Fragrance

I’ve just received at Le Dixieme samples from Portland-based indie perfumer OLO Fragrance, aka Heather Sielaff. It came as an amazing shock. Like many of us, I’ve been used to mild eaux de parfum made by mainstream brands, and I’m still proud wearing my modern woody Marc Jacobs. But that’s pretty common, agreed. OLO has nothing to do with the usual touch of perfume. OLO makes unique scents that have more to do with a very earthy and sensual atmosphere. Each blend takes you back to your very singular character. Pick an oil and you feel essential oils and absolutes combining to bring out a strong sensation.

I believe OLO is the kind of fragrance brand that makes you rediscover your corporal existence. You are not only a silhouette but also a sillage. Movement and encounters produce invisible sparks everyday. This is the part of you that will leave a vivid yet mysterious memory.

I like the idea of bringing along everyday a bit of Nature into the city life. That’s essential. Let’s keep it that way.

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