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I’m currently moving to London, so packing many stuff at the moment. And I found these old pictures of some people skateboarding in Lyon.

I like the parallel feeling between catwalks and skateboarding. While you do your tricks, there’s only one key thing: balance with space and movements. Like in a catwalk. While you do your show, as you go fast, you become a silhouette more than a human being; basically you become an idea, like in a fashion show.

I also like the fact that a skatebording run does not last very long, but that you can talk about a good performance for ages. Like in Fashion.

Laurent “Lilzeon” François is a fashion blogger & photographer. He runs a creative agency in London (RE-UP) which shapes digital stories for brands. He writes with Vu Quan Nguyen for L'Express Styles in France (Le Boulevardier).

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