April Cover Girl: a woman who drinks beer is elegant

We were at Lutetia hotel in Paris few weeks ago, as  a mysterious Sir Discret had convinced us that the palace owns many secrets. We had the chance to litterally fall in love with “la Suite aux Ours”, realized by the great artist Thierry Bisch.

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Céline, aka Mademoiselle Louise,wanted to be our muse. We wanted to tackle a cliché on “women who drink beer”. When you google them, it’s most of time pretty vulgar. So we said: we’d hit an elegant woman who drinks beer, damn it! Gallia helped us (you know, the Parisian beer). A princess appeared in the Suite, protected by some “Bruins” and comforted by a giant Teddy Bear.

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You can read our Cover Girl interview (it’s in French) right on Le Boulevardier.


Big up to Lutetia, Gallia Paris, and to Thierry Bisch!

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