There’s a huge debate on the hypersexualization of children in magazines, economics and on the role of parents.

A very complicated topic in which there are no absolute truth, except that:

– we must let the children play and progressively grow

– it’s not because there are changes in the choice of your sexual life, of your own genre identity, that you must accept whatever. We think that French Vogue portfolio with Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau (photographer: Sharif Hamza) is BS. It’s not about choice and freedom: it’s more a manipulation of a baby doll.


Talking about dolls…In the middle of this mess, Barbie has just launched a new doll, related to Hunger Games: a Katniss Everdeen ‘s one!

It could have been just another collector doll to add on Pinterest, but Alex Lapa wrote a great post on the hidden messages.

The codes which are used are not “pink” nor naive. It’s about a woman who has a deep story, who makes her own choices, who’s a fighter and who has a cause. This icon is going to be used for hours by little girls and it’s a great way to shape other kinds of stories for the next generations of a society.

It’s a great thing that dolls also get some “male” assets. Because it deepens the features, a mind’s framework. To be a woman, it’s not JUST to be a princess, it’s to realize something, it’s to be more independant.  This is an aim to get a balanced reality with men, but without denying dreams. Genre is game, with various profiles at the end.

Forget Mad Men and its Petites Madames: just keep Arya Stark!

Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) - Game of Thrones

It’s pretty close to Beyoncé’s story who used to ask for independance, to then better asked for alliance…Genre is not binarian. Genre is not male vs female.

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