Ba&Sh W12/13

Ba&Sh presented few days ago its Winter 2012/13 collection in Paris. A great range of creations, with  beautiful drawings  and nice details

It was a good moment to meet Sharon Krief, Ba&Sh co-founder with Barbara Boccara .

Ba&Sh: what’s in a name?

Ba&Sh is a Parisian brand, which was born in 2003.

It’s the fruit of our friendship, and of a passion for fashion. Little by little, our brand expanded, shops opened, but the original mood is still the same: friendly and accessible

How Ba&Sh shoud inspire people?

We hope that our friendship and that our state of mind are found in our collections and in our shops. Ba&Sh looks like us, we love traveling, we love parties, we love our families and friends…

Our clothes can we worn anytime in a woman’s life, they’re always feminine, chic and simple, hype and everlasting.

Why did you enter the fashion world?

I’ve studied law, but working in an office wasn’t my thing…Barbara has some PR background…After having constituted our families (we were pretty young, thus), we wanted to realize something more professional. We mostly wanted to do something together.

We said that our duet could work pretty well if we built our own brand.

It’s true, that it’s now been 10 years. We still appreciate each other, we like to come to our showroom and work together, we’re very proud when we see someone walking with a ba&sh bag in the street, or any other item, or even when the other mothers congrat us for our business.

How will Ba&Sh look like in 3 years?

We hope we’ll have the chance to still be well surrounded, that Ba&Sh will keep on its growth, and that we’ll keep our simplicity and our good mood. Why not opening a nice hotel abroad, with the same team? and who knows, maybe help our children manage our company?

What are the most significant events that have happened to you?

We have many satisfactions every day, thanks to ba&sh and also thanks to our children. The main surprise, it’s to see some of our former partners launch their own businesses, and that it works! We’re very proud of them too.

What may we wish you?

Many beautiful surprises, and that ba&sh remains a family business, friendly and to get an international success in the fashion industry .

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