Garbage Glamour

Fashion is all about creating new trends, new outfits, develop new products and above all inspire both men and women.  Recently fashion has taken a new turn with the rise of eco-fashion and eco-design. Designers bring a fresh breath of optimism through their committed approaches; and labels that offer stylish products, belying the still widespread cliché that green is ugly, smells bad or itches…What do you think?

Right in line with this philosophy, The Australian Museum helds its 2nd edition of Fashion Less Waste competition. The aim is to raise awareness of sustainability issues in the fashion industry and helps fashion to be a less wasteful world.

What is the contest exactly? Competitors have to design and create an outfit which is entirely or mostly made from materials that were not originally bought and used for a non-clothing purpose. In 2012, entries have to be by the creatures of the sea with the “DeepOcean” theme.  A great idea to re-invent fashion, no?

So if you fancy yourself a bit of a creative, or find yourself collecting old bits to one day transform into that incredible fashion creation? Well it’s your time! Submissions closes on May 8th and then judging will be made by a group of fashion professionals.

Find some inspiration from last year finalists, the theme was “Birds from paradise”. Some are really Gaga style…



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