WAH Nails Book of Nail Art

We definitely believe here that Nail Art is one of the most interesting fashion trend that rose thanks to Social Media. We definitely think it’s worth to spend some times discovering young gunners in this field. 

So, reading Dazed Digital this morning,we’ve spent some times watching a great film, realized by Alexandros Pissourios, about Shamardean Reid founder of WAH Nails, a famous East London Nail Salon, on Nail Art, street culture and life.

“Earlier this week, the iconic east London nail salon, WAH Nails opened their exclusive new ‘WAH Club’ for one night only held at the W Hotels in London and soon, Union Square New York – celebrating the launch of their new book, featuring their unique nail art designs, how-to guides, and projects that have made fans out of the likes of M.I.A, Jessie J and Louise Gray.”

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