Tattoo is an art

We had the chance to attend  MAKE UP FOREVER LOVES LAURA SATANA event in Paris, for the launch of the collaboration between the brand and the tattoo artist, which will happen every Friday & Saturday in May.

A good reason to interview Dany Sanz, MAKE UP FOR EVER Art Director and Laura Satana. An amazing moment, on creation, art, tattoo, and lifestyle.

Could you tell us more about your jobs?

Dany Sanz: My main mission, as Art Director for MAKE UP FOR EVER , is to think and create new products and collections. I’m helped by  chemists and a research laboratory. Besides, I’m in charge of the brand’s visual identity, with the marketing & communication departments. I’m finally leading the training of professional makeup artists, in our company but also at an international level with educative department and MAKE UP ACADEMIES.

Laura Satana: I’ve been designing tattoos since I was 19. To my mind, this Ancient Art is far more than just creating nice drawings on your skin. It’s a way to transcend yourself, through an image which will be permanently fixed on your body. In fact, in history of tribes, this practice was kind of ritual when you became adult. Today, it’s more a way to “take the lead” on your own body, to make it unique; it’s a kind of rebellion against standardization, which fits to one’s tastes.

How could people be inspired by your works?

Dany Sanz: it’s hard to tell, but I guess that at a corporate level, I probably generate some respect. People who work with me know how dedicated I am to MAKE UP FOR EVER, since 1984. For those who don’t know me, I guess they first think about the artistic part of my work. I also think that a lot of people admire what I’ve realized for 25 years for the company and for make-up art in general, and I still fight for that!

Laura Satana: I like working on aesthetic topics as much as I like working on true stories. The most important thing for me is to convey a positive message. I love beauty, in any support, and for me, gracing a body with nice things is my way to embellish the world.

What’s your stories? How come you’re doing what you’re doing now?

Dany Sanz: My career is very unusual. I was a student at Ecole des Beaux-Arts; then I’ve started to paint and to do sculpture. I’ve focused on painting, to design theatre sets. As I was very often backstage, I’ve discovered body painting. Artists were complaining because they thought that there wasn’t any efficient product for an actor’s body. That was when I started to work as a makeup artist. I’ve first focused on professional makeup, and for some years now on the general public. Today, I have a giant universe with MAKE UP FOR EVER, which is present in more than 50 countries. It’s a mix of professional and public, artistic and consumer products.

Laura Satana: I always had very diverse sources of inspiration.It can be music, movies, visual arts: it’s eclectic. It’s a chance to pick what is worth for my own universe. I only work on unique creations, tailored.

Laura Satana during the party © LF / ViewsCo / Daily Dust

Where will you be in 3 years?

Dany Sanz: It’s diffcult to forecast what I could do more in 3 years, but I hope to keep my current energy. In the meantime, I and MAKE UP FOR EVER, we’re always shaping new projects. I just hope they’ll be on air in the future.

Laura Satana: It’s very complicated answer as every day, new projects arise, but new supports are great opportunities for me, like video. I’ll keep working on image on any possible support, plugging my personal universe.

What are your biggest satisfactions and surprises until now?

Dany Sanz: To be able to create and maintain a company like MAKE UP FOR EVER. I’m also very glad to see that people who work around me are able to keep a “tribe spirit”. We work, we earn money in a very sharp attitude compared to other brands, and I hope it’ll keep on. Last but not least, I’m very proud and happy to see that “Academy”, that I’ve imagined in 1984, are doing great.

Laura Satana: Next year, my shop EXXXOTIC TATTOOS will celebrate its 10th birthday. This is a great achievement.

What can we wish you?

Dany Sanz:  That things keep on like now. I wish to myself and to people who surround me to keep our enthusiasm and our energy, to keep MAKE UP FOR EVER growing.

Laura Satana: The best for the future?




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