Why it’s important to give love in fashion

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OK, it’s written everywhere: this is crisis baby!

Many studies demonstrate that our young people are kinda depressive.

“Stop crying, start understanding” once said Spinoza. And that’s one funny thing I’ve discovered yesterday, as we were organizing a live concert in a Parisian apartment: people are here to enjoy, are here to share, are here to give. They care about the music because they’re brought inside by a love context: nestling out of time in a transformed place.

Charly © Thien Nguyen

I guess it’s the digital fault: it’s no longer about “just” creating, it’s about people joining a whole universe, finding their own path, doing their own missions within a creator’s project.

It’s important to give that sort of love to make it work.



Laurent “Lilzeon” François is a fashion blogger & photographer. He runs a creative agency in London (RE-UP) which shapes digital stories for brands. He writes with Vu Quan Nguyen for L'Express Styles in France (Le Boulevardier).

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