The poetry takeaway

Sunday morning! Time to read diverse marvelous publications, like Design Exchange. In the last issue, “Places and Stories”, we had a crush on “the Poetry TakeAway”:

Durham - The Poetry Takeaway at Durham Book Festival

“The Poetry Takeaway is ‘the world’s first purpose-built mobile poetry emporium.’

It specialises in the production of free, made-to-order poems, delivered and performed to the hungry yet discerning literary consumer within ten minutes or less. Its modelled on your typical burger van and is manned by a rotating cast of the UK’s best poetry chefs who write, perform and deliver a hand-written, carefully boxed, souvenir copy of every customer’s poem (open or wrapped).

You can see some photos right here.

The next event will be during Storyfest, May 12-13, in Hartfield, East Sussex, which is a children’s literature festival.  More here

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