Fashion can be learnt and taught

I had the chance to read this article on NY Times, by Hope Perlman, on the feminist guilt to allow makeup to a 13 year old daughter.

As a man starting to grow old, I start to have some concerns on this specific question (I’m obviously feminist too ha!). What do I have to say to a young lady who wants to “look great”, using makeup or sexier clothes? That’s something you can’t escape, even as a photographer; younger ladies are not “material”, they are children. And children should not be used for any fantasy of a frustrated Art Director. Those who used to read us in French know how angry we are with this topic.

So it’s not an easy way to make. Because it’s an individual, a family and a society choice.

I love this comment by Korinthia Klein who writes:

“I plan to lump the conversation in with a general discussion about clothes and how we present ourselves to the world. What we choose to put on is like an announcement to other people about who we are and what we are doing, and they have to be aware of those signals. A suit tells one story, a wedding dress another, jeans are find in some contexts and disrespectful in others. I think makeup fits basically into that kind of discussion just fine, and then they must make their own choices.”

And I think she made it right: the most important thing is “the big picture”. What do you want to achieve, more generally, if you start using makeup? Are you ready for that? Do you realize it’s not your fellows who are watching you but the world?

What would you say to your daughter?

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