Margot, fashion blogger, fighting against AIDS with H&M

Margot is a French fashion blogger, very followed as she daily writes on style, books, and her last discoveries. As you already know, H&M is very involved against HIV, with her bright campaign “Fashion against Aids“. In order to promote their last campaign (basically, every time you send a photo of a kiss, H&M donates $1 to AIDS prevention), they’ve asked bloggers to be shot “in love”, wearing some pieces of the Fashion Against Aids collection (25% of the sales will also go to AIDS prevention). As we believe that fashion can to a certain extent change the world, we had the chance to interview the sweet Margot, on her involvement in this campaign.

Margot and her bf from YouMakeFashion


Do you think it’s important for fashion bloggers to engage their visibility for causes?

That’s actually REALLY important. We have a real community behind us and we have to share messages for causes ! This is why I love my blog adventure.

Why fighting against AIDS matters to you?

HIV is a new disease who hit my generation first. We have to be very careful. We have to keep on enjoying sex but with a lot of safety. So many people don’t know about HIV and consequences….

Was this shooting different from the other ones?

Yes as it was with my boyfriend. So pictures show love and passion.
This shooting was a beautifully moment with blogger-friends as well.

You have 140 signs to fight against AIDS: what do you tweet?

Have sex, love each other, share passion but protect yourself !

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