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It’s a rising trend in many European cities: bikes are now not only a pragmatic way to move from a place to another, but is tremendously becoming a lifestyle. Many reasons for that: environmental concerns and responsibilities; “free” bikes in London or Paris, implemented by administration or companies like Barclays; digital services which allow users to better know where they can grab a bike.

In France, Surplace realized a short film for Bicycle Store, who’s one of the exclusive store where you can find Levi’s Commuter Collection.

When fashion meets a new cultural manifesto, it generates that:

In a recent interview, JeWon Yu, Global Senior Designer for Levi’s, gives some views on how he engineered the collection: from reinforced belt loops to 3M reflective tape..

“Commuter Series is a line designed specifically with the urban cyclist in mind. At a second’s glance, it isn’t any different to our regular five-pocket jeans and tops – and that was the whole point. We didn’t want to introduce a collection that screamed “Look at me, I ride my bike!” Basically, we saw that these urban cyclists were wearing our jeans and clothes anyway so why not offer them a little something extra? Also, for the first time, we’re introducing a woven tops line. We’re using 3xDry from Schoeller for our tops – absorbs moisture on the inside (won’t show through to the surface) and resists water on the outside.”



I guess that more and more brands are tyring to identify rising communities. In this case, boulevardiers and dandies don’t have to wear sportswear anymore: you can be classy and ride your bicycle. Rock’n roll.


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