Lili, Nail Pimp, Paris

We had the chance to meet a very special girl, few weeks ago, during a shooting with Anahi. There was this very discrete lady, who had diverse brushes and accessories in her bag. She was also wearing very unique sneakers, directly imported from Asia. Ha! We wanted to know more about Lili, and more about Nail Art.


Who’s Lili? I mean, there are tons of Lilis, but you’re a special one…

Am I ?! Well let’s start to say that I am a 21 years old young woman that has just found out about her passion and goal in life, that is creative and drawing “whatever” you want on tiny areas as nails. Does this make me a Special Lili ?

during The Girls Next Dreams shooting


Can we say that you’re a Nail-Artist?

We can say that I can draw many things on nails which make a special and unique “art piece” for every lady that “get pimped” but I still have a lot to learn so we can say that I’m a Nail-Almost-Artist !

What do you want to generate when you paint people?

As i often say, people express their style and originality through the way they dress, through their hairstyle maybe. Doing, well better say PIMPIN’, your nails is a way to express and/or complete your style. I have customers from very different backgrounds, and I love to see that very stylish girls as the classy ones want to complete their looks by pimping their nails. I love my (almost) job !

Let’s say we want to book you: how does it work?

You send me an e-mail at telling me when you are able to get an appointment and what design you want to do, we found the right place/day/hour, we meet, we go to a coffee or whatever, we have a drink, we chat as if we were friends for 10 years and I do your nails ! As cool as that !

Where can we follow you online?

You can follow me on Tumblr and on Twitter. and also on Facebook, Pimp my nails ! By Lili Nguyen (yes, facebook doesn’t allow us to change the name of our pages when you reach a hundred people…)

Voilà !

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