No Face No Name

Frida wrote us a kind message on our Fan Page. She wanted some help as she’d love Rihanna to wear her dresses. Well, it’s not only a great challenge, but it’s also a very interesting collection. Let’s go for a short interview with Frida aka No Face No Name

Damn! you have a very surprizing approach: you want Rihanna to wear your dresses? How come?


NO FACE NO NAME‘- it’s my nickname. I’m a young fashion designer. I may have an authentic talent but I haven’t had any opportunity to conquer the fashion world yet! One day I said to myself it’s over! I have to do something with my life, dreams and talent… because here no one can find me! Here in this wonderful but strange country no one sees me! So I came up with the idea of this film and dresses especially for Rihanna. It may seem silly, but I must try. I do not want to regret the whole life !!!

Rihanna why? because what she is doing is real. She is a perfectionist, owns her own style -which cannot be said every star. but mainly because she is brave enough to wear a dress from the unknown designer (yet) and seems to be a really nice woman !!!

(and if not she maybe someone else who is into fashion will see my work and will help me go on )

What do you want to generate in terms of feeling: your universe seems pretty dark (Sin City etc.), is it the way you feel?

Pretty dark ?? no!  This session was supposed to be so harsh to highlight the extraordinary dresses construction. But it is true that the white and black is a compilation of my favorite colors. I like high contrast. I like simplicity. classics – in my own interpretation.
New dresses are more bright and cheerful. This is a combination of neon colors with calming color nude and leather.
99% of my dresses are made ​​of knitted fabrics- thin and delicate. why? because I love the feminine shape! I love the shape of an hourglass, and no material does not highlight it better.

Ok, let’s say we know Rihanna: how can she get in touch with you (email, facebook, website…)

By email, through my facebook page, you can just write something in the comments under the video if she ever sees this video 🙂

What can we wish you?

What can you wish me ?? strength! so I always firmly believed in my dreams as today.  and that once people know that somewhere far far far away lived a young girl who has talent and creates bold designs, innovative, yet elegant, timeless and classy dresses. That someday – someway – someone –find me


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