Sabba Keynejad, Central St Martins rising star

We’ve already told you how much we love Lacoste EDL L.12.12. Rouge x Central St Martins creative challenge. We had the chance to share some points of views with Sabba Keynejad, who won the prize, and who’s currently student in the prestigious school.

You’re a Central St Martins student: how does it feel to be following the same path than great designers

I find CSM a great environment to be in, I feel really lucky be be studying there with incredibly talented people. I don’t feel like I am following a path but just see where the road will take me. It’s been good fun.

So you’ve won the Lacoste prize: how did you connect René Lacoste famous polo and your kind of “kaleidoscope”?

I came to my outcome in a few different ways. Lacoste wanted me to make something reflective ( the kaleidoscope ) They gave me the inspiration of the L 12 12 shirt made from Egyptian cotton ( the triangle ) and finally to communicate the fragrance’s personality. I wanted to make something like a jewel, as perfume is something you wear. It took me a while but I finally came up with these ideas.
What do you want to generate in terms of feeling?
Every one responds to work in their own way. I just wanted to create a refined, delicate design that people could enjoy. Its hard to work for such a iconic brand, they already have a set feeling that goes with their style, so I tried to adapt that but give a little more of my own personality.
What can we wish you?
I look forward to all the new creative opportunities to come and finishing my degree.

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