The new fashion models

You probably don’t know the Italian fashion retail “Piazza Italia”.The fast-fashion brand had a very interesting creative move as they’ve decided, with their agency Diaframma, to change the kinds of models they use for their campaigns. Instead of hiring good-looking, professional top models, they had the idea to pick real life role-models, like Chiara Capri, who “founded a committee to combat racketeering and promote a mafia-free economy”.

© Carlo Furgeri Gilbert for Piazza Italia

It’s interesting as fashion industry has now to face more and more a terrific dilemna: brands still need to create evocative, inspiring, fantasy-crazy universes. They need to make us dream, but they’re more and more challenged by final consumers, as we less and less believe in fairy-tales iconography. After Dove’s campaign for real beauty, it’s like if brands were now focusing on “real” characters for our souls. As local heroes possess something strong: a story to share and to tell.

Last years, Comptoir des Cotonniers developped a “Mother/daughter model call“. A good sign to reinforce the fact that style is also about transmission from generation to generation.

Some might cynically say that it’s also a way to cut budgets: real life people don’t ask for so many money as modeling-products.

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