Waiting for the Sun x Misericordia

We love Misericordia. I mean, we’re real fans. VQ had the chance to interview them some weeks ago in French. They’ve just sent us an email for the brand new collaboration with Waiting for the sun, founded in 2009. This brand aims to melt vintage inspirations with very modern design. When 2 rising stars meet, it gives this statement:

Misericordia and Waiting for the sun are a mix between the present trends and vintage inspirations, accompanied with a constant lust to propose both high-end and cozy collections.

The two brands share a common passion for nice materials and artisanal work. While Misericordia garments are exclusively manufactured with great Peruvian materials, Waiting for the Sun sunglasses are entirely made-by-hand in natural raw materials as Australian wood.”


nice blue leather case...

A great detail on the glasses: the wordsIllumina mi destino” (“Illuminate my destiny”) are carved on the sunglasses.


Misericordia + Waiting for the Sun sunglasses

Exclusive collaboration for the Spring-Summer 2012

Bamboo frame and Carl Zeiss glasses

Each pair goes with its blue leather case

A collaboration to be found in the most prestigious Misericordia and Waiting for the Sun shops.

Recommended retail price: 150€

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