[idea] why Wes Anderson should become a fashion brand

If you’ve ever watched a Wes Anderson movie, you should already glimpse at what we’re stating here. If not, make sure to check his short yet consistent filmography, from Rushmore (1998) to the breakthrough of the Royal Tenenbaums (2001) until latest indie hit Moonrise Kingdom (2012). Before going any further, you’ll also want to open on an adjacent tab this tumblr we’ve made up to support our claim. It’s called: Wes Anderson is THE original hipster.

Now let’s get to the point. Wes Anderson is said to be a maniac about the details set up in his scenes. There is a geometry to the camera travelling, while it picks out singular objects, like that key record player in Moonrise Kingdom.

But then, all these details only seem to help construct a sophisticated vintage universe, where styling has a paramount importance. In an interview published in the New York Times, we learn that clothes in the Royal Tenenbaums have been designed and made. Fendi, among others, made the fur coat worn by Gwyneth Paltrow.

How this carefully designed styles have influenced the vintage market and contemporary hipster looks is quite fascinating. Released in 2001, the Royal Tenenbaums has definite precedence over any über-inspired modern vintage lover. As here at The Boulevardiers we love detecting stylo-cultural echoes and channeling them into digital and real business and pleasures for the public, we thought: Wes Anderson should have his own clothing brand, if not a full-scale lifestyle one.

Moreover, he already designs his own suits in a sleek collaboration with his personal tailor at Mr. Ned, NYC. So, let’s take over style in the streets from the basic hipster followers and build up a singular vintage-inspired brand. If Scott Sternberg is making it in LA, why not Wes Anderson in NYC?

Here are the key facts that make us believe Wes would be a great brand:

– he knows how to be singular

– he knows how to tell a story

– he knows how to make weird sexy

– he knows how to put it all together

– he inspires creativity in other people

Here are the key facts that make us believe we’d be the best partners for him to launch with:

– we love his work

– we love to connect ideas with people and people with ideas

– we love to share our fashion inspirations

– we love to nurture brands

– we love to help and create

So if you hear us, Wes: send us a telegram!

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