2 scholarships to study fashion, design & technology in Paris!

We love IFA Paris. Because they’ve understood the new fashion business cycle (Asia / Europe) and because they multiply interesting actions towards emerging talents and digital sources of creativity.

We’re very glad as today, IFA Paris is launching two scholarships for their innovative Postgraduate in Fashion Design and Management program. The first scholarship will cover the entire fee for the one-year intensive, at 12,800 Euros, while the second will cover half a year of fees, at 6,400 Euros.

“IFA Paris’ multidisciplinary program in Fashion Design and Management provides graduates with a skill set that extends beyond the basic semantics of sketching and constructing garments to meet the growing needs of the current global fashion economy. With an international roster of instructors, composed solely of industry professionals, the postgraduate program covers an in-depth survey of fashion design and production processes taught entirely in English. Courses include fashion concept research, methodology & structure of a fashion collection, textile industry and production, marketing communication, branding, merchandising and retail, and consumer psychology, and other related modules.”

And this is great: a global approach of fashion, shaping a more pervasive creativity. What are you waiting for?

To apply, each student must have completed a Bachelor in Fashion Design or the equivalent university education in fashion design, an IELTS above 6.o or TOEFL above 600 (Native English speakers exempt). Scholarship applicants must also complete a creative and luxury Women’s Collection file on the theme ‘East Meets West’ ncluding two pages of research and an explanation behind the inspiration, a synthesis mood board, a color page and fabrics, 15 silhouettes and flat drawings, and a technical file of one silhouette. In addition to the application package, contestants must submit a cover letter of a minimum of 1000 words a complete an online admissions exam. From there, shortlisted applicants will receive follow up interviews from IFA scholarship award committee.


Applications close on July 1st, and winners will be announced July 16th.

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