No one can feel the same way while drinking a Diet Coke (and its fashion consequences)

We had yesterday a great shopping experiment in London.

We were looking for comfortable -thus classy- shoes with some relatives.

And it was funny: we went to Camper, to Soho, looking for sneakers or ethic shoes. We had conversations on what could suit you best. What comfort means for us. What’s trendy or ugly.

And no one could feel the same way. That was great because everybody was right, as when you drink some wines. If you ever go to a wine tasting event in France, the specialists will tell you that even if some codes apply, at the end, you judge if something’s good or not.

As this Diet Coke I’m currently drinking in this lovely pub as I’m writing this post: it’s not the same recipe as in France. And it has the same name thus.

This is our freedom.

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