Pyjamas daily party

If you don’t know Lisa Armstrong, well you should probably turn off what you’re listening to and focus on what she has to say on pyjamas. And this specific sentence: “But what I really love more than actual pyjamas, I realise, is the idea of pyjamas“.

That’s probably the reason why I had a French crush this morning on her, and on the way pyjamas could well deserve a better consideration.

"Lisa wears shirt £188.66 and trousers £377.32 both J Crew; Bracelet £275 Zoe & Morgan; zoeand Shoes £575 Reed Krakoff; Photo: ZAC FRACKELTON"

Because basically, I thought that wearing pyjamas is cheap. Its loose pants, full of nighty smells…I actually thought that wearing pyjamas is like literally wearing a Teddy Bear. It’s made for regressive protection, not fashionable way of expressing something. I guess it’s also because I’m a young male; and that night underwear clothes are far more sexy than pyjamas.

And then I read Lisa’s tribute to the idea of pyjamas. It connected with this brilliant article I’ve read in Eurostar, “Nice day at the hoffice? The pitfal of working from home“. Our jobs are moving; we’re more and more to work in a mobile way: some hours from home; some hours from a workspace with Wifi; some hours in a “real” office. And so does our outfit: if you change 3 times a day, it’s not really possible, except if you’re living on the edge. The time for comfort follows an increasing trend, as your late afternoon also becomes the time in which you’re getting ready to properly go out for a drink.

In your work-life, pyjamas accessories or signs are increasingly important. Because you bring with you a part of your privacy; because being mobile requires does not mean that your home-less.

I bet that it’ll increase in the coming years. Because pyjamas are not sportswear items. Because you can be elegant with them; something very more difficult with jogging pants, whatever Nike says.


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