Antichose: temporary tattoos, everlasting art

Antichose is a fascinating project which questions body and identity. The main principle is to use skin as a creative support for our emotions, feelings, crushes, through temporary tattoos. These tattoos are designed by rising talents like Alizé Meurissse, Lucien Murat or Studio Nocc . 14 visuals have been created for this very first collection, which will be produced thanks to our donations on KissKissBankBank.We’ve met Camille, who leads this crazy Antichose: she told us about Addams family and quantum mechanics. We told you these guys are crazy; and lucid.

Antichose: that’s an odd name for tattoos. Could you tell us more about the concept?
Yeah, actually we picked this name so that people would start thinking about the concept. Yesterday, I ran into a very inspired but quite mad person who told me that Antichose must be the opposite of the Hand in the Addams Family. I was a bit confused for a while, but I think I can now picture what he meant, and I find it pretty convincing.
See, “Antichose” literally means “Anti-Thing” in French. And “the Thing” is the name of the Hand in the Addams family: its deal is that it is a super bright hand, that got separated from the rest of the body and that is now wandering around the world.
Our tattoos are pretty much the opposite: their purpose is to be re-attached to bodies, and it’s by being connected to people’s bodies that they produce their diverse meanings. They’re wandering around on people.
There has been sort of a buzz lately on temporary tattoos: do you think they’re a more serious trend?
Well, for Antichose we never thought of ephemeral tattoos as a trend, but rather as a new medium of expression to which we wanted to know how would people react – and especially how would the artists we selected react. We gathered artists from very diverse horizons: there are visual artists but also architects, authors, etc. 
Some of them had already worked on tattoos. Yet none of them every worked on temporary tattoos, and it is a quite different medium of expression: it authorizes more humour, more freedom. For instance, Alizé Meurisse designed a tattoo on which we have the Malabar Man – a reference to the decalcomania hype? – who says “Save a Lollipop, Suck a Dick“. It’s a reference to feminists and punk blogs from the 80’s: a great trait of bright humour. I’m a big fan, I am going to love wearing it. That being said, there’s no way I could afford wearing it as a real tattoo.
It’s a very interesting medium because it plays on the very intimate (ephemeral tattoos are no tee-shirt: you draw stuff to put directly on people’s body, it’s quite particular) while allowing an absolute lightness in what you’re doing (it’s ephemeral, it’s cheap, no big deal). 
What are you trying to trigger in the people who will get these tattoo boards?
Oh that’s the best part – I didn’t have to try anything, people are just seizing it naturally, it’s great! They made stuff with our tattoos that I would never have thought of. I met a girl who had a beautiful and dark oriental dancer tattooed for five years on her shoulder. She loved Lucien Murat’s tattoo of a green crowned dinosaure. She put it in front of her dancer, who has her palms spread heavenwards, and she made her dark tattoo into a delirious scene where a dark oriental danser is wiggling around with a green crowned dino. That’s awesome. For her, ephemeral tattoo is just a way to dress up her real tattoo whenever she feels like it.
To gather all these ideas, we created a virtual gallery: people send in the pictures of how they are wearing their designs, and of what they decided to do with it, and we put them up on The Everywhere Gallery, so that we can see how the tattoos wandered around on people.
There will soon be a flock of green crowned dinos wandering on people, that’s going to be fun.
 What can we wish you?

Well, the tattoo boards will only be available to buy online for the next 25 days (starting at 10€), so you can wish me that people will throw on to get one. You could also wish me that other artists get so enthusiasts by the idea of working on this medium that they start submitting awesome new designs by emailing me at
Oh, and apart from that, you can also tell my boyfriend to give me flowers. I love flowers.
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