Prometheus: an outstanding art direction

As Prometheus has already hit our french screens, controversy is starting to stir on the movie’s qualities and defects. But if one thing stands out as incredibly well-achieved in Prometheus, it’d be the art direction. We’ll let you discover all the delicate details and the global feel of the scenes and costumes, but we can’t help and spot one major hit-detail. Ladies and gentlement let us bring to you the name-tagged LEATHER HELMET.

Michael Fassbender in Prometheus (Ridley Scott, 2012)

Worn by all crew members under their glass helmet when space-suiting for outdoor environments, this piece of equipment intrigued us for its hell of a vintage style injected into a pretty geek sci-fi scenery. We’d bet the inspiration came from the fact that Prometheus had to look older than the Alien saga, esthaetically speaking, as it is set a couple hundred years before.

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