Chez Elles: UK fashion rockstars

Let’s face it: there’s not only Paris when it comes to fashion. And whereas we had many stereotypes regarding British girls (yeah, probably because Lilzeon spent some times in Essex ha!) there are true fashion rockstars living in UK. Here’s a first selection of bloggers we like, from London with love.

© Victoria from Style Marmalade

Let’s face it: Victoria is one of these girls, born in a foreign country (Mexico) who give this fascinating touch to London. Cosmopolitanism and lifestyle as a daily art. You’d better follow her, as her posts are really catching and rock’n roll. Frenchies say YES!

© Jill from Street Style London

Who the hell said that streestyle was dead? I can tell you: if in Paris, some old school streestyle photobloggers are about to collapse (who cares what Carine Roitfeld’s wearing for a bs catwalk? This is said), well we’re lucky in UK thanks to Jill who regularly posts very impressive shots, in a wide diversity of scenes, places and styles. I love the fact that this blog is not pretentious BUT ambitious, it’s a kind of craft you can visit for some fresh air. OOOOOOOOoooooooooh Yeah.

© Sara from SaraLuxe

Damn, if sometimes you feel bored with what you read online, just spend few minutes on SaraLuxe. It reminds me of this endless discussion with random people, very late at night, in some Fabrics or Liverpool Street clubs, which are more relevant for you at this very specific moment. When you find yourself on SaraLuxe, you then just want to go out and discover again the streets you’re supposed to know. Love love love.

© Anne Look from Stylist And The City

OK Lilzeon has already met Anne “IRL” during a Glam Media event, and of course we’re now absolutely biased. But this girl has something to say and you’d better be aware of that! Anne collaborates with diverse brands, she’s part time stylist, part time writer, part time consultant and full time interesting. If I were a French brand trying to figure out what the local scene is in London, well, I’d probably go with her (even if you know us haha).


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