Yi Zhou for Persol: Beauty's in the Details

Persol, the sunglasses brand, asked 8 contemporary filmmakers to direct a “carte blanche” video to form the 8 phases required to manufacture a pair of Persol.

1st day: Inspiration by Dimitri Coste

2nd day: Shapes and design by Asa Mader

3rd day: Structure is strength by Grégoire Alexandre

4th day: Beauty’s in the details by Yi Zhou

5th day: A refining touch by Ari Marcopoulos

6th day: Innate harmony by Alistair Taylor Young

7th day: Polished perfection by Fabio Paleari

8th day: Meticulous perfection by Katerina Jebb

It’s Yi Zhou’s work on bipolarity which is one of the most remarkable film. Discover it, and enjoy..


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