Kiddo: La Parisienne, a love-song from rooftops to Frenglish

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Kiddo aka Anna Chalon, well guys, I had the chance to meet her in my Parisian apartment, as she was our guest for a Live Room session. It was ages ago, I can tell, we live too fast.

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve followed her great artistic journey, from UK to NYC. She’s now officially “Kiddo“, and we’ll have a chance to discover her first album this Fall ( Where to? under the tutelage of Grammy-winning producer Jay Newland). We can’t wait!

Kiddo has just released a very first video-clip for her song “La Parisienne”. It’s soft, it’s refreshing, it’s sensual like a summer love with poetry. Love it.

Enjoy…perfect song for a Sunday evening…


Laurent “Lilzeon” François is a fashion blogger & photographer. He runs a creative agency in London (RE-UP) which shapes digital stories for brands. He writes with Vu Quan Nguyen for L'Express Styles in France (Le Boulevardier).

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