I Love Paris: photographers with depth

IFA Paris organised a wonderful photography contest; the idea was to promote Paris’ beauty; the winners could get a ticket for IFA annual fashion show…And it’s starting to be one of the most interesting catwalks, as it reveals Asian talents…

The 2 winners are not beginners at all; they figured out how to sublime Paris, and a certain idea of woman. Very original, very chocking and moving: congrats.

Here are their works:


Alex Lua Kaczkowska / Under the Bridge

The 1rst winner with 210 votes: Under the bridge by Alex Lua Kaczkowska; a sensual black & white picture, which reminds us some nouvelle vague movies with a modern figure. Lose yourself in her website, Alex has an amazing talent.

Pierre Thevenard / Palais de Tokyo

The 2nd winner chosen by the jurys: ”Palais de Tokyo” by Pierre Thevenard. Pierre had the great idea to flip flop Paris. And it suddenly opens a whole new universe, not that crazy as “when you sit down, you see the world with other feelings” used to say a good friend.

Here we go!


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