Top 20 Up & Coming bloggers: rising fashion lovers

Few days ago, Runway magazine & Fashionblogs revealed the big winner among the “Top 20 Up & Coming fashion bloggers”. And we’re very glad that Maria Letizia from Vita di Moda won the contest!

Her blog rocks: many relevant observations of the fashion industry, some personal thoughts…and something pretty sweet in her style. (between, we would LOVE to shoot her next time Maria comes to London…).

We asked her a fashion quote to better tell us who she is. Here’s her thought:

I eat, sleep and breathe fashion. It may be a total cliche, but it’s 100% true.  

You can follow her on twitter: @Maria_Litizia

Among the other challengers, we really like The FashioniStyle . Their blog is quiet deep & very interesting for anyone who wants to get the insiders’ info of our fashion world. Their quote:

My love for fashion is not only a passion, it is a satisfaction     

and also A Piece Of Folly   . We love the importance she gives to visuals & photos.

We can wear fashion, we can do fashion and we can be fashion, in other words fashion is us.    @apieceoffolly    


Here’s the complete list:

Week #1 Couturelust
Week #2 StyleBomb
Week #3 SandraVanL
Week #4 LeeOliveira
Week #5 NarielWalla
Week #6 A Piece of Folly
Week #7 homme Styler
Week #8 into the Fashion
Week #9 HannahsFashionBlog
Week #10theCabinetofFashion
Week #11 ThreeHeels
Week #12 ApriliaLove
Week #13 TheCultofStyle
Week #14 CandidCam
Week #15 Theories of Aesthetics
Week #16 FeliciaYohana
Week #17 PrimpedandPrimed
Week #18 TheFashionistyle
Week #19 VitaDiModa
Week #20 HitBag

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  1. I’ll be sure to let you know next time I’m in London! – which so happens to be tomorrow, but only briefly whilst I catch a plane back to Glasgow 🙂
    Such a lovely mention, so thank you!

    – Maria xoVita di Moda

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