Zahia the Doll?

Yesterday, Vu Quan and I were invited at Zahia Fashion Show. As her first one, she presents her Lingerie collection during the Haute Couture week. But could an ex call-girl, famous for her sex affair with some french football players, become a designer? To be honest, I went to the fashion show with a lot of preconceived ideas. Even if I found the first one not too bad and interesting, Karl Lagerfeld was not very far and of course, she did it. But this time, Zahia has no sponsor excerpt from her. Has she become her own sponsor? Maybe. She needs no name, because she has a name. The gamble is to change a call-girl name into a designer one. She could be on the way to succeed.

Models coming out from giant cupcakes, cold girl in a fridge and hearts balloon wore as bra, staging was just amazing. From delicate lace in the wedding part to refined red ruffles in the Valentine’s one, Haute Couture was an appropriate term to define the show.

At the end, Zahia came out from her doll box to become a real women just long enough to parade and to return in her plastic box. Zahia the Doll?

A video taken by Vu Quan…

  1. Bon, je n’aime pas que des personnes abusent du buzz générer sur eux pour se lancer dans un métier artistique dont des milliers de jeunes talentueux n’arriveront jamais à atteindre faute d’argent. Bref, en attendant, j’aime bien ce qu’elle fait !

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