Zalando X Le Boulevardier Shopping Contest

Fashionisti, assemble! We Boulevardiers have taken our Contests to another level. In this depressing Summer Sale Season, when stores have been looted of all the sizes you were looking for, we have decided to give away 2 pieces of outfit. And guess what, it’s been shopped especially for you by our pro buyer VQ at Zalando. You read right! Massive online shoe retailer has recently opened a selection of designer brands for men and women.

While others were hardcore shopping downstairs, we took an elevator up to a magnificent flat in Paris to shoot a special lookbook about the look we shopped for you readers. A clue about the inspiration? VQ has a crush for comics character Pepper Potts, so he decided that the contemporary corporate outfit set to be given away would be interpreted as: Iron Woman. Get a glimpse at the outfit:

So here’s what at stake for the 2 winners we’ll celebrate.

– 1 pair of Surface to Air dark grey Wedges, size 38. Cult french studio Surface to Air launched its iconic Buckle Sandals a couple seasons ago and are now a sure shot at shoe coolness for all minimal rock ladies around. We thought these unmatchable Wedges would be a definite hit in your wishlists, so here they are, to be seized!

– 1 black Adidas SLVR dress, size M. Because any modern girl needs a little black dress, we looked for a sporty day-dress that would give a punchy twist to any classical corporate outfit. Throw in a strict blazer, grab your iPad and you’re good to go.

Camille preparing for the shoot.

How-in-the-hell are we supposed to win these, are you asking?

Very simply: go brag a little on our community forum here in the dedicated topic about your latest/hottest pick in store. Tell us about where you found it, why you heart it and more…

We’ll then pick 2 weeks from now the hottest shopper as a winner.

Ready? Set? Go!

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