Alex Kaczkowska: "I'm the kind of photographer who is using images to tell stories."

We’ve discovered Alex Kaczkowska amazing work during IFA contest last month. Her black & white vision is absolutely catching, and Alex owns this very special gift that every shot she takes has her own touch. We had the chance to interview her.
© Alex Kaczkowska
Hi Alex: you’ve recently won IFA Paris photography contest, and we’ve discovered that you have a very strong online community: is it part of a the new tasks that a photographer must do?
I don’t think it’s a must but I’m sure it is really helpful in photographer’s work. Any artist would feel appreciated having the audience attention – and without the Internet this audience would not necessary have access to my work – or even know that I exist! So, in this sense Internet is very useful. Gives you possibility to cooperate with people around the world, run different projects, not even seeing each other faces. I know about such projects from music field – the main line is composed in Warsaw, singer records in Japan and someone designs the record layout on the other end of planet. Our world gets smaller and wider in the same time. Thanks to online communities we can show diversity, connect different styles, colors, ideas, cities and continents. For me, interacting with my online community is a great way to talk to the world.
In your work, 2 main elements are very differentiating: the importance of the context (sometimes, the background is even more important than the model itself) and the distortion of the real world: are you a storyteller or a photographer?
I think it is a combination of the artistic ideas with market expectations. Part of my works is only mine and starts from pure idea, some others are made by specific order, according to the Client’s needs and expectations. While working on my own projects, I can focus only on my vision. Taking that under consideration, I believe I’m the kind of photographer who is using images to tell stories.
© Alex Kaczkowska
You are involved in diverse creative projects: video/photo/graphism etc. Imagine that you have an unlimited budget: what do you do?
Having unlimited budget I would design an interactive exhibition, presenting combination of my work, artistic visions and fields of my expertise – music, film, photography and graphic design. This project would fit in the city architecture, connecting all important cities – Warsaw, NYC, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, London, Berlin, Lisbon, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Sydney and a even the space station. Placing camera in one specific point in each of those location with different backgrounds, would show the audience of my exhibition in each of them. We could see typical point of each city, as well as the reactions and reflections of people from different cultures and continents who are watching the same content. That would be really glocal, cross cultural and multimedia project.
Where can we find you online?
Some final words?
I’m very happy that my work was appreciated and I had the opportunity to attend the fashion show in Paris. It was a great experience and possibility to meet new, amazing people. I hope to continue inspiring and surprising my audience.
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