The best cocktail bar in London? Worship Street Whistling

You probably don’t know this fact, but if VQ and I are called the “boulevardiers”, it’s also because of an eponymous cocktail.

So basically, after watching the streets and doing our jobs, we need refreshments. Good ones.

Some weeks ago, a very good Italien friend booked a table in a mysterious place, called “Worship Street Whistling Shop“. At first, I thought that it was another cosy lounge place, for Shoreditch fake hipsters, or wandering bankers. I was absolutely wrong.

When you arrive in front of the door, close to a pub, it’s like if you were about to enter a secret place. You go down the stairs and voilà, your eyes widen up as the hidden cocktails’ army welcome you.

On one side, a laboratory with strange components. On the other side, some tables, an emporium so to say; you don’t come here to get drunk with your 30 fellows, not at all. You come here for an exclusive and exquisite experiment, in which the magic bartenders open up your senses. Yesterday, we had the chance to test the very new summer menu.

I drank a “million dollar” cocktail;

I’m not going to reveal what’s inside; for that, you can visit any food blog. I’m just going to repeat what our man told us; cocktails are about all senses; on the $100 buck, there’s a fragrance, a smoked one…It makes the other flavors explode in your mouth.

Oh and Whistling Shop has been shortlisted by Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans for two awards – ‘Best new bar in the World’ and ‘Best Cocktail offering in the World’!

Well, the place is on the 63 Worship St., Moorgate, Greater London EC2A 2DU, United Kingdom

Just book a table before…

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