LA Fashion Magazine x The Boulevardiers

Dear readers,

we’re pretty glad to start a collaboration with the rising Los Angeles Fashion Magazine. Founded by Csaba Fikker, the platform knows a fabulous growth. A good thing for us too, as we’re already present in Paris (Anahi Lozza), Australia (Constance Winia), and of course London & Lyon (Boulevardier for L’Express Styles).

VQ started with a very great post about Pierre Cardin. Hitting 90 years old this year and celebrating 60 years of practice in fashion, Pierre Cardin has a lot more to offer even after pioneering in many ways contemporary fashion. VQ has made it right, spotting Pierre Cardin Italian roots, with French man, but his heart and mind wandering somewhere over the United Kingdom’s islands. From the Beatles and John Steed to this contemporary retro-futuristic man, we think that Pierre Cardin can only be understood by englishmen, besides his asian fans. Discover the whole analysis right here.


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