Greenpeace wants you to star in their next campaign to #Detox fashion

I’m not always fond of Greenpeace association. But this last campaign, part of their Detox effort, is really interesting.

The idea is that Nike, Adidas, Puma, H&M, C&A and Li-Ning have committed to Detox, in order to avoid toxic water pollution in China. So to make the idea spread among the whole industry, Greenpeace asks us to post a photo on with #detox and #peoplepower, in order to make a video with our photos, using your t-shirts as a canvas for Detox campaign images and text.

It’s a funny campaign because it embraces current fashion rules: showing off our style, sharing it with our friends. It’s also good because Greenpeace does not go AGAINST fashion industry but really wants the big companies join the movement.

Let’s play!


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