Beauty Queens: a real job with legal consequences thanks to Fiona Dickie

It can sound like another funny story at the end of your favorite newspaper, but Fiona Dickie, ex Miss Edinburgh 2010, has probably changed the word of beauty & fashion image business. Crash victim Fiona Dickie who suffers if she wears high heels wins £18,000.

The legal arguments are twice:

1- Fiona Dickie MUST wear high heels for her work; it’s the consecration that shaping a great image for beauty-related work is a real work

2- Fiona Dickie could suffer from this injury in the long-term, when it comes to access the labour market


3 big consequences of this legal decision can be interesting to follow in the next future.

First, “image” will not only be protected around reputation issues. It’s the whole value chain which could now be under legal scrutiny. A good news for some models or beauty queens who sometimes face bad casting agencies. They have an alternative to ask for money if some problems rise because of bad working conditions.

The other ground concerns people who until now did not have any proper and comprehensive code; think about sales in fashion retail shops. Some managers directly or indirectly ask their people to be “sexy. But when sexy is not one’s choice, how to react without leaving the place? Considerating objective facts around beauty can seem scandalous at first sight; but then they also give concrete elements to defend victims. It’s legal, not moral.

Finally, as the web is the most important place when it comes to fashion & cosmectics industries, this kind of jurisprudence will complexify and deepen relationships between brands and bloggers, or more largely digital influencers.


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