Styled to Rock: Rihanna, Nicola Roberts, Henry Holland and Lysa Cooper on the edge

After NBC fashion star, where real buyers were to pick the next designers, it’s time for Sky to launch its “Styled to Rock” program, on air this Tuesday, August, 14th. And the mentors who’ve been chosen can make us dream: Rihanna (executive producer), but also her personal stylist (among other talents) Lysa Cooper, Nicola Roberts who frequently declares she’s fed up with an “image-driven society” (haha), and Henry Holland (follow his blog, it’s a must).

The 10 episodes will feature aspiring designers, picked by Rihanna herself. The winner will produce the official outfit for one of Rihanna’s big show. We now have the confirmation that Nivea bosses should ask for a new PR agency, following the recent declarations of their new CEO, a real “RUDE BOY”, Stefan Heidenreich 🙂

When fashion meets entertainment: we can’t wait to watch it!

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