Welcome to Planet Hiltron. An interview with Danny Evans

You’ve certainly already seen this astonishing work by Danny Evans, a NYC based photographer, who decided to transform celebrities into regular people; after all, if stars use photoshop to look better, why couldn’t we consider to arrange some makeunders? That’s the principle of Planet Hiltron.

We had the chance to drop some questions to Danny Evans.

Why did you start this work?

I was curious to see how the stars might look with the facade of coolness scrubbed off.

Did you receive some complaints from publicists or did they like the whole story?

So far I haven’t heard anything negative from publicists or celebrities.

© Danny Evans

Where can we follow your whole work?

The best place to follow Planet Hiltron is on facebook. I also have two unrelated video channels on Youtube that people can subscribe to called Gay Carrington and Hollywoodstew.

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