1999-2012 Catalogue of the Abode of Chaos

If you think that Haus of Gaga is the only creative bunker on Earth, you’re wrong. There’s nearby Lyon (France) a crazy mansion in which extravagant and dramatic artists work together. This is called “Abode of Chaos“, and is a very interesting contemporay art museum. Its founder (or Master, who knows?) is Thierry Ehrmann, who’s the man of ArtPrice, the “world leader in art market information”.

If you want to get some elements of French people, you definitely need to spend some times reading this huge catalogue-manifesto. You can also go to the Abode of Chaos and pick a free printed version.

Some might say that France sometimes produce UFOs. This is the case.


EXCLUSIVE: 1999/2013 Catalog of the Abode of Chaos – 100% Color – 148 pages (ADULT VERSION) available now online in PDF and soon on paper at the Abode of Chaos location wtih the book version at mid-August. 70% of new texts and photos and some unpublished texts now revealed. Click image to access the online PDF.

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