VANS shoes: stylish alternatives to express your own personality

Let’s face it: you can tell a lot about people by their footwear. Lilzeon remembers a guy who did not want to talk to him because he was wearing “too casual” shoes. Aow.

Footwear is made of forms but also of brands. When it comes to skate shoes, VANS is flooding the market. You can try any high street fashion shop in London, Shanghai, or Paris: you ask “skate” and “shoes”, you get “Vans”. Most of the time. If you read French, Anahi Lozza wrote it cleverly.

Not that we don’t like Vans, no. But we’ve been looking for shoes which are similar to Vans; in Australia, France, UK. Just to get another taste, you know.

First, VQ suggests the very last Veja collaboration with Renault, so called “Zoe”. Zoe is a great electric car, and dedicated VEJA ZOE trainers are made of organic cotton canvas with a sole made from wild rubber. They are sold as a limited edition and will be only available for the first 1500 people who reserve their Renault ZOE.It’s chic, ethic and exclusive. All the things we love.

Anahi picked some classic Superga shoes. The Italian-based brand, which has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, also chose Alexa Chung to direct their 2012 summer campaign. The Superga collections are originally designed to be dressed up or down, depending on the context. A dolce vita item, which fits any Roman lifestyle.


Constance gave us some Californian flavor, recommending Supra Assault model.Launched in 2006, Surpra is owned by One Distribution. Even if the brand starts to get a mainstream audience, the team is still very hardcore and “underground”. Which is good, when, you know, you’re chilling around Shoreditch…

Finally, Lilzeon would definitely go for the fall HUF collection, shot in Los Angeles by photographer Sagan Lockhart.

HUF was founded in 2002 by professional skateboarder Keith Hufnagel. Since its inception, HUF has evolved into an independent manufacturer of premium apparel, footwear, and skateboard goods, embodying the very countercultures from which it was conceived“.



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