Dia Frampton, live at Munto Water Rats. London in blossom

Dia Frampton…It’s a music love story which started some months ago, thanks to NBC The Voice. You’ll never know how we could watch the show from Paris, thus, but I can tell you that Thien and I were real freaks when Dia was on stage.

Dia was originally singing with her sister Meg. You can have a look at their very nice songs on YouTube. So, Dia released a solo album called “Red“. It’s currently my favorite album on my iPod, and not only because there’s this story with a French guy called “Daniel”, who could not manage to go to Los Angeles for her sweet love Dia. Bloody Hell, Daniel, you’re the shame of French men.

“You couldn’t fit inside my suitcase,
And I didn’t wanna be slowed down.
Sometimes I wish that I could turn the clock around”

The good news is that Dia was performing last week at the Monto Water Rats in London. Thien shot the concert, and you can check it on her blog. It was pure magics, in front of a very cheerful crowd. We hope to see Dia Frampton again in Europe soon!

daniel from Thien Nguyen on Vimeo.

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