Why it's a cool news that Camille Rowe Pourcheresse is the new face of Zadig & Voltaire

You probably don’t know it but in France, when you wanted to make fun of BoBos (bourgeois bohèmes), you suddenly made a joke about their typical Zadig & Voltaire style: expensive thus casual shirts and pullovers, ethnic denims while living in a mega-loft or penthouse in the very near Parisian suburb, Montreuil for instance. And you also immediately thought of skinny architects or designers; I know, it’s a socially racist cliché but talking loud in a bar with a boulevardier cocktail, you most of time use stereotypes to reinsure your audience.


We have to change our minds and French jokes.

Because Zadig & Voltaire made a very interesting move, as they picked the beautiful Camille Rowe Pourcheresse as their new Fall/Winter 12/13 face.

Olivia Flemming made a great analysis for Daily Mail, pointing that “personifying that natural, un-brushed hair, nail polish-free look of effortless French girls, Miss Pourcheresse laughs, dances and jokes around in cosy cashmere knits and cute boots for the campaign“. And that’s so clever: the first consumer of French touch is no longer France, but the observant world. And Camille Rowe Pourcheresse embodies this new French generation:

  • she doesn’t care the modeling rules: she’s fresh, has feminine forms and is 1,71m. And so what?
  • she lives in America: she’s now one of the girls from the French diaspora (and when you know that we’re 300,000 in London only, imagine what we’ve become?)
  • she’s been involved in diverse creative projects besides the traditional models way of life

Our only disappointment could be that Nicola Formichetti has already spotted her in the last Mavi Jeans campaign. Well, to be honnest, I don’t feel like the real magics of Camille Rowe Pourcheresse has truly been highlighted by Haus of Gaga boss. But that’s also a stylish asset: be present in 2 big campaigns at the same period of time, perfectly knowing that Z&V will monopolize the whole share of voice. Fashion art of war I can tell.

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