Textile designer, what's in a name? An interview with Marion Labbez, amazing talent in London

We met Marion Labbez in one of  these London nights, in which you have good wine, good people, good dreams and good talks. Marion Labbez is a freelance Textile designer; we had glitters in our eyes when she said that. Meeting the ones who shape the next trends is pretty rare. We were lucky, and so are you now 🙂

Marion: you’re textile designer: what does it precisely mean?

A textile designer is the one who creates patterns you see on fabric. Basically we draw, paint, scratch, stitch, embroider shapes that we then compose, layer, colour, tweak. Designing for fabric also involves transparencies, textures as well as the sheen and touch of the material. Alternatively we also work for wallpapers. I have extended my skills to other surfaces such as wooden cabinets, glass panels or plaster walls, for patterns made of gold leaves, mirrors, resin or paint.

Is there a specific school or path you’d recommend to people who want to become designers?

Good design requires good technique. I chose to study at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Lyon, France, for the silk-screen printing heritage of this region. Hermès scarves are still entirely made there in this precise tradition.
Having said that, I think the key thing is to keep your eyes open, take notes and build up a sort of library of materials and shapes to feed your creativity constantly.

Where do you find your inspirations?

I take a lot of pictures. Of anything. I’ve got now quite a serious collection of textures, shadows effects, light reflexions, tiles, fabrics, papers, cables, architectural details… Inspiration doesn’t ‘come’, you go and grab it. Everything is out there, it’s just a matter of catching bits.

Can you tell us the story of one of your favourite creations?

I like the story of the ‘Paris -Londres’ fabric I made for Duffy London.It’s quiet a simple design, two colors.

This was one of my first jobs in London. I was completely falling in love with this City. I designed an imaginary map of my new home mixing bits of Barbès (Paris), where I am from, and bits of Hackney where I had decided to live.

How can we book you?

www.marionlabbez.com and I quiet like LinkedIn for work.


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